Tour Leader

You’re always looking for a smiling and multi-purpose tour leader to accompany your groups in France and abroad? Do not hesitate any more!

How to choose a tour leader? What is a competent tour leader according to you?
It is what I asked to the last agencies for which I worked. The answers are unanimous.

The tour leader has to get involved to the file, from the first briefing, it has to make a personal work of research on the destinations, the proposed places, the customers whom he is going to accompany and he doesn’t have to hesitate to ask questions to the project manager." If the project manager spent 6 months on the creation of the event or the trip and if the Tour leader makes blunders  on-the-spot, the project manager work is completely annihilated by the performance of the TL! It is a teamwork. The project  is as a baby for the project manager, it is necessary to take care of it! "

He must be responsible and rigorous, he has the responsibility of a group which counts on him. An organization sense is also required. He has to react positively and quickly to the various unforeseen in a confident peace (accident, last-minute administrative problem, delay).

If the humor of the customers can be variable, that of the guide has to be set fair, always smiling and adapting itself to any group style and people.
He also has to support the persons in charge of the stay, relax them and reassure them if these do not feel at ease.

Finally, he has to take some pleasure and be friendly!
“If I ltravel 1 week with a tour leader which rarely smiles which is emotional and/or without conversation, the week will be long for me too” one project manager specify me

After 6 years of experiences in travel, events organization and in accompanying groups of all kinds, I am able to answering favorably all these criteria.

The discovered destinations:
Montenegro, the Canary Islands, Thailand, Malaysia, Jamaica, Greece, England, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Australia, Turkey, Canada, London

And also in France: Paris, Bordeaux, Limoges, Poitiers, Marseille, Lyon...

Based on Paris and Bordeaux, I am available throughout France and foreign countries.
I would be delighted to be able to meet you so that we discuss your future projects and do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

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